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Blassy, Arch Nerdlord Computer Engineering Major. This blog is almost entirely just Megaman. I love robots while Metropolis and Black Jack are slowly ruining my life. Welcome!


sooooo about that au………


Get this ship away from me. 


Get this ship away from me. 


you know when youre walking down the street and you look down and you see a quater and maybe something aobut picking it up adn its shiny thats what i think about this picture
—tumbler user shigunasu


you know when youre walking down the street and you look down and you see a quater and maybe something aobut picking it up adn its shiny thats what i think about this picture

—tumbler user shigunasu



hey um

begging post part two

dad’s refused to help me

i can’t keep paying my rent

if anyone has a spare room/spare bed, please let me know. bay area preferred but i can move. i don’t care any more

signal boost

please if anyone knows anything please help aisu




I had a lot to get off my chest about producing animation on YouTube and why the system now works entirely against animators.  If you have 8 minutes, I’d appreciate you hear me out on this one.  While I might be fortunate enough to have Grumps to keep me afloat, there’s a lot of other channels that don’t have that same fortune.  Give this a share around guys, this is a subject that not many people other than the content creators are aware about.

Take a few minutes out of your day and watch it. GREAT food for thought!

Also take some time to watch ricepirate's take on the same topic 




My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think our neighbors hate us



Megaman X and Megaman Zero explained by me


Hi I’m Salo and i  haven’t played any of these games but i follow a bunch of people who have so im gonna try to explain them just by what i see on my dash so expect 0 accuracy

(also i confuse the 2 parts??? of the games so yeah)

Megaman X

  • [insert probably overdone porn joke]
  • it’s the year 20XX and im asking where are the hot robots now we’re technically in 20XX now what is this
  • X was made by dr light, who is dead now?? where are the children?? are they dead too? ;n;
  • X is much less moe and chibi than megaman and he’s not sweet-lolita-kawaii at all im disappointed in u dr light. but he cute
  • apparently he’s a huge dweeb
  • his senpai is zero whos also made by dr light?? maybe?? 
  • zero is robot rapunzel
  • im assuming he’s this guy who thinks he acts badass but he’s actually a huge dweeb too
  • gay??
  • there are these robots called the mavericks who are like crazy or something, and x and zero hunt them down
  • apparently my computer is a maverick when i run skyrim and photoshop at the same time
  • please dont kill my computer
  • theres also this guy who i thought was a girl (sorry) but its a guy with violet hair. lumine?? who wants to fuck the moon or something?
  • and this guy called dynamo whos apparently a major ass
  • why do all robots have better hair than me
  • also they die. or x dies. and zero maybe??
  • and there are this HUGE ROBOT BEES WHY BEES OF ALL THE ANIMALS. WHY. BEES. why not make robots based on cute animals. learn from sheepman, dude, learn from sheepman.
  • where’s roll

Megaman Zero

  • i started playing this bc i thought they were the first games buuut apparently they’re not also my phone almost died
  • everyone is suddenly moe-kawaii-sweet-lolita and im 100% fine and pleased with this
  • so zero’s back or something. but i saw someone make a post like “people who think mmz zero is the same as mmx zero [inset disgruntled emoji]” so i want to be a better nerd and im gonna saaaaaay hes not. so new zero guy. more moe
  • there’s this girl whos called ciel and she’s a major cutie
  • there are elves??? what is this tolkien shit
  • wait lumine was moe maybe he’s from these games? im confused
  • also X is now a ghost, or an AI or evil??
  • he kinda looks like missingno for what ive seen
  • the world is really dystopic for some reason and ppl have compared it to the protomen universe?
  • guessin there’s still mavericks?
  • idk, tbh what i know from these games is that everyone is cute


Girl Games Thread Retrospective


It’s been quite a while since the close of the Girl Games LP, and I have been talking about taking time to reflect on it for a long time as well.  So okay, here it is.  This is my reflection on the LP and the thread, which is basically a long list of complaints, because everything that was good about the LP you’re probably already aware of if you’re reading this. 

I’m going to talk about my real feelings about the LP thread, during and after making the LP:

The Girl Games LP fell on deaf ears on SA and I know it.

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